About Us

Aims & Objectives

The City of Liverpool Swimming Club formed a water polo section in 1999, following the decision of the last remaining swimming club in the city still playing water polo, to withdraw its support for the game. City of Liverpool took this decision to ensure that water polo, as a major aquatic sport played at a World, Olympic, European and National level would continue to be available to swimmers in Liverpool and the surounding area and to enable them to reach their full potential as water polo players.
The Club currently operates seven teams for players, providing an appropriate coaching and training environment at each stage of their development :-
Men's A Team; Women's A & B & C Teams; Girl's u15,17 & u19 Junior Teams, mixed u12 mini polo.
It is planned to expand the number of teams to create an u14 mixed junior team and a junior boys team.
The club's players and teams operate at all levels of the game and currently take part in the following local and national competitions:-
Liverpool & District Men League; Bolton & District Men's League, Northern League; British Water Polo League; British Championships; ASA Girls KO u15, 17 & u19 and local mini polo festivals.
In addition, our teams are involved in a number of overseas tournaments throughout the year. During recent years the Men's & Women's team have been to tournaments in Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Greece, Eire, Hungary, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland and Northern Ireland and have hosted teams from Australia, South Africa, Sweden and Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

The club aims to have suitably quaified coaches at all sessions and to ensure that all programmes are based on LTAD principles. Talented players will be encouraged and supported to take part in the Regional and National Academy programmes.

Chief Coach Gordon Dacre
Women's Assistant Coaches Joanne Mountfield, Laura Schofield, Ruth van Mierlo, Alice Byrne,
Men's Assistant Coaches Dave Gould, Neil White